Infographic: StumbleUpon Traffic

In previous posts I’ve touched on how valuable the traffic that StumbleUpon drives is. Today I came across the infographic below that compares StumbleUpon to other top social media referrers. In my experience, about 50% of traffic to our site comes from StumbleUpon. But to get that kind of result you have to optimize your content and activities for the platform.

Here’s a few tips for creating content optimized for StumbleUpon. You can check out my previous post to understand the kind of activities that help drive traffic with SU.

  1. Image Rich – When people are “Stumbling” they only give you a couple seconds to grab their attention. A wall of text begs for a Stumbler to keep moving. An image that hints at the story you’re trying to tell, and is pleasing to look at is a powerful tool in capturing a readers attention and getting a coveted ‘Like’ vote.
  2. Focused – Make one powerful point with your post. Complex posts that require a person to dig deep to get the key point won’t draw any traffic. If the story you need to tell is complex, break it up into a few posts that can stand alone and link to supporting posts to tell your entire story.
  3. Easy to Navigate – Use lots of white space, section headers, and rich media to break up your story. A person needs to be able to quickly scroll down and understand 70% of the story you are telling based simply on the images and section headers you included in your post. Adding in generous amounts of white space makes the post less intimidating, and easier to navigate through each element of your post.

You can find the original infographic here.

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