Immersive Panoramic Video, Examples And Suggestions For Marketing

Techniques including photosynthesis and panoramic photography have been around for a while. Creating panoramic video, however, seems to be a new trend.

Example of Polar Panorama Photograph

photo via

I’ve mentioned in the past that digital marketers, and social media marketers in particular, often times make the mistake of trying to take advantage of new tools or technology without understanding how to use them. To be successful using new digital tools, whether it be Facebook or augmented reality apps, you have to know what kind of actions the tools should encourage your audience to do.

That said, I’m surprised I haven’t come across more brands taking advantage of panoramic video. Especially in the mobile space where the emergence of tablets is leaving consumers begging for immersive experiences. I’m waiting for an innovative brand or two to use panoramic video to offer their audience something fresh.

Examples of Panoramic Video In Action

Thanks to our smartphone’s impressive computing power and high definition camera’s, the mobile phone has become the tool of choice for capturing panoramic video. The devices can communicate with one another to stitch together the an interactive video experience that makes you feel like what you’re viewing is happening in real time.


This is a nice video that shows what kind of software was involved to link the smartphones together so they could capture the 360 degree view. For some more videos explaining the process, check out this post from NWEvolution

To check out the actual experience from XPERIA Studio. It made me want to take up mountain biking, and also got me to thinking about some other video’s I’ve seen that could be even more exciting using this technique. For instance, can you imagine if Jeb Corliss used this kind of experience in the video below?

CNN – Haiti Video

Following the tragic earthquake that struck Haiti, CNN took to the country to document the damage and rebuild. Using a mounted panoramic video contraption the crew drove through the streets and walked through camps creating an interactive experience of what the nation was facing.

Throwable Panoramic Ball

This device also uses mobile phones to generate the 360 degree view. What really stands out about this video is the ability for a viewer to zoom in so far on images in the distance and still have the objects rendered clearly.  We can thank the quality of the HD camera for that. It reminds me of another untapped digital tool out there: deep zoom.

This is different from the other two examples because it’s only still shots, but it might offer some ideas about some additional functionality that could be added to the videos (ability to zoom).

How Marketers Can Take Advantage

Building projects like this are what every social media marketer should be concentrating on. Rather than searching for new communities and tools invest time in connecting the members of your community that are tinkering with great ideas with the resources to document what they’re doing in cool way. I guarantee that will drive brand advocacy, traffic, and share of voice in a big way.

Here are a couple of ways brands could take advantage of this technique right away:

  • Product Placement – The deep zoom ability and ability for the viewer to control what they look at makes product placement perfect for environments like these. If a little budget was put behind this kind of asset, marketers could take things a step further and allow users to click to learn more about the products they’re looking at or even make a purchase.

  • Mobile Experience – Maybe I’m biased on this one because of my day job, but this is the perfect asset to connect to a 2D barcode. If I were looking at a magazine ad for a mountain bike and I was delivered to the experience XPERIA Studios built out after scanning a Tag or QR I would be thrilled. That’s the kind of experience that drives adoption.

  • Day In The Life–  So much of social media marketing is about building advocates out of customers. A great way to do that is by making the brand more personal. Using panoramic video as a method for documenting events would certainly increase your customers time spent viewing your content.

3 thoughts on “Immersive Panoramic Video, Examples And Suggestions For Marketing

  1. Not all of these are panoramic video. Or it is unclear how you differentiate between a panoramic image, often displayed by using a software tool to make a video panning across the image, and whatever you define a panoramic video as.

    What is your definition of “panoramic video”?

    While quibbling, the panoramic ball camera is definitely not a panoramic video. it is a 360º still camera that used software to stitch together images from a bunch of cell-phone cameras embedded in a ball. There really isn’t any video in this project, except the (non-pano) video showing people how the device works.

    • Thanks for the comments Todd. The only panoramic video examples are the Haiti and biking videos. I changed the language on the third post to reflect your point that it’s not actually a video. I included the example because I liked the dimension that being able to zoom in on different objects provides.

      Other than that, you may want to read the text around the images and video carefully, I included a video or two that weren’t panoramic at all, for instance the Jeb Corliss video was put in there because I wanted to call out how great it would be if a the panoramic video technique was used.



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