Social Life Audit Facebook App

I came across an app created by Ultimate Vodka from the makers of Patron. The app taps into Facebook to rate your real life social life based on check-ins and pictures on your profile. The cool part about the app is that it uses facial recognition technology to detect fake smiles, determine how often you hang out with the opposite sex, and how much fun people have when they are around you.  Here’s a video explaining the app which is called Social Life Audit.



Here are some screenshots of my favorite part of the app.

Facial Recognition

Its almost a little scary how the facial rec is able to detect fake smiles, laughter, and even when someone is giving the “player face”. The nice part about the app is that it throws in some humor by docking points for things like not having any girls in a picture. See how the app called out me and a couple buddies and deducted 150 points from my score, labeling it a “sausage fest”? Well played, Ultimate Vodka. Well played.

Audit Analysis

After analyzing all your pictures and activity you are assigned a score across three categories. The screenshot above only shows three of the twelve total elements, but it gives you an idea of how your social life is evaluated. Smart move by the app to partner with BlackBook to give insight into things like how trendy the places are that you check into.

2 thoughts on “Social Life Audit Facebook App

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