Google Solve For X

This year’s headlines will most likely be shaped by politics, but if we’re lucky we could see a breakthrough steal the show. Google is launching an effort they are calling “Solve For X”. The idea behind the project is to tackle the world’s biggest problems including things like global warming.  The goals are audacious, which makes the prospect of achieving them absolutely electrifying.

Considering the political landscape this year and the general sentiment that the government has grown dysfunctional beyond the point of repair for at least the short term, Google’s shot at saving the world makes wonder if we’ll see more things like this in the future. In the past government funded research has brought us transformational technology including the internet and the micro chip. Maybe certain kinds of innovation will always be in the realm of government, but the topics that would be impossible to build enough consensus around in a political setting might be the perfect fit for projects like this.

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