A Vision of The Future In Glass

This video comes courtesy of Corning Incorporated. I love when companies put out these futuristic videos, though I’m always a tad cynical when they start their videos with phrases like, “In the near future”. It’s possible that the technology is probably available already, but available tech is never what keeps it from going mainstream, price is. Maybe if they followed up “A Day Made of Glass” with “A Day Made of Expected Price Points” I would stop holding back my excitement :) (I hoped you like that smiley face, it’s the first and last emoticon I’ve ever used on my blog)

Only time will tell when we get a taste of tech like this in the future, but thanks to Microsoft’s Surface we might be experiencing similiar technology in a retail setting in the near future. Here’s a video that came out of NRF a couple weeks back that might suspend your cynicism at least for a little while, it did for me.


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