Art With Salt

Bashir Sultani was born in Afghanistan, raised in Russia, resides in Canada, and regularly creates works of art using a medium most of us use at the dinner table: salt. According to his YouTube page, Bashir doesn’t have any formal training in art, but by the looks of it he doesn’t need it. Not when it comes to table salt anyway.

Bashir’s YouTube channel has netted nearly 24,000 subscribers and over 125,000 views, most of that coming in the last 9 months or so. That might get you asking what inspires him to create these elaborate works of art on a regular basis. He crowd sources it. Here’s the direction he gives followers in his YouTube channel:

“Send me your request as comment in my recent video.I’ll do most “Thumbs Up” request next.” He also fullfills requests, for a fee of course.

Up to this point, most of his pieces have been portraits, and depictions of TV characters in time-lapse video. My favorites are his pieces like the one above that take his artistic expression to the next level by telling a story to some extent and add a little more production value. Paradoxically, my favorite isn’t the most popular (the portraits are his bread and butter), but I’d love to see what he would do with some more conceptual requests, rather than the standard portrait.

If you are looking for more of his work, check out his YouTube channel. Here’s a taste of his latest work based on the movie Resident Evil:

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