Facebook Data Reveals Peak Break-Up Times

In the spirit of Valentines day it seems fitting to share this graph from David McCandless that uses Facebook status updates to determine when most break-ups occur during the year. I guess the main take away is probably to get ready for the Facebook season of heartbreak that takes a small jump on V-Day before spiking over spring break.

My favorite part of this chart is the spike that occurs on April Fool’s Day. How many poor saps realize that pranking their girlfriend doesn’t fly, regardless of what day of the year it is. And if by chance the spike is due in part to   pretend break up requests, I imagine some of those end up in an all-to-real split anyhow.

If you’re interested in more from David McCandless I recommend checking out his ideas on design. Here’s a taste of his work from a Ted Talk he gave a while back:

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