Project Glass By Google

Today Google posted a demo video for what they’re calling “Project Glass”, their shot at augmented reality glasses. As a post on Mashable points out, the video takes the wise choice of a first person view in the commercial to tell a story and avoid showing how geeky you’ll look wearing them.

If you think people talking on their bluetooth in public is annoying, just wait until they pause to “check in” on FourSquare or take a picture (skip to 1:28 in the video to see what I’m talking about).

That said, I would totally buy a pair of these in a heartbeat. I think Renaud Lepage says it best in comments on Google’s post, in what might be my favorite comment of all time:

The Only Thing More Intriguing Than Project Glass

I can’t help but to admire the fact that Google is using Google+ to reach out to it’s base for input into the product design. In the post where the video was released, the team solicits feedback and recommendations while the product is under construction.

You may have heard the term “social business” being tossed around. Sometimes it’s used to try and give social media more legitimacy, but what Google is doing puts the theory behind the term to practice. Google is disintegrating the wall that typically exists between customer and company to bring a better product to market.

It’s product team, in all their ridiculous IQ glory, is being infused with thousands of other minds that will vet out features, make suggestions, and signal whether the most sci-fi looking product to hit the shelves in the next couple years will be cool enough to actually wear.

I can’t decide whether I’m more excited about the product or the business practice. Never mind, the glasses are pretty cool.

4 thoughts on “Project Glass By Google

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    Have you heard of “Project Glass” by Google? Check out this review of the glasses and Google’s business strategy for promoting and perfecting their newest product.
    Would you wear the glasses? What do you think is better; the business strategy or the glasses?

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  4. Hi Nick ,

    Did you check the latest demo of the Google Glass during the Google I/O few months back ? It was awesome. Do check it out .

    What do you think are the future possibilities of Google Glass in our day to day life .Any ideas ?

    I have written about the Google Glass here .Let me know what do you think.


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