New Meme, Batmanning Fail Videos

Do all of your graphic T’s have holes worn through the front of them thanks to your planking habit? Well my friend I have great news for you. It’s time to move onto a new, substantially more dangerous meme: Batmanning.

Batmanning is essentially planking, but you’re hanging upside down using only the tops of your feet to keep yourself from crashing down awkwardly on the unforgiving ground below.

We can thank drunken college students who were brave enough to lie belly down in their local bars for making planking go mainstream. It looks like batmanning is being driven by teens and college students that are bored silly at home. Although batmanning doesn’t match planking in picture form, it makes up for it’s shortcomings with it’s YouTube “Fail” videos.

Here’s a few of my favorite “fail” videos thanks to the new meme. Maybe this will inspire you to create one of your own (insert evil laugh here).

Why is it so funny when girls do the same dumb things you would expect from a guy? I think I just realized why I liked the movie Bridesmaids so much.

Is it just me or do you start giggling as soon as you realize this is a video of someone filming themselves? Even if nothing were to go wrong for the guy in this video, it would be worthy of making this batmanning fail list. The fact that his little dog comes to his rescue when he falls is the icing on the cake.

This guy almost follows up the most swagger-filled batmanning pose I’ve seen with a successful dismount. Almost.